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Customer Acquisition

Customer modelling to identify 'look-alike' customers for you to acquire

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Customer acquisition call centre

Customer Acquisition – Increasing your Customer base and subsequent sales

Developed by modelling your existing customers through planned online research to provide potential new customers, and sales follow ups by agreed call centre follow ups.

Identification of the DMU (decision making unit) and purchaser(s) of the ‘look-alike’ customers through initial online research provides opportunities to begin a follow up dialogue through our call centre operatives.

Using a process agreed with yourselves we can chase potential sales on your behalf either by booking appointments for your sales team to progress, or issue samples and chase up accordingly.

Our aim is to increase the size of your business to suit your own existing sales methods – if you do not have a formal sales department we often progress the full process on your behalf.

All initial researching of potential customers and initial calls made by call centre operatives are available on an agreed daily rate which proves far more economical than charging per internet search or individual call.

Costs are provided based on KPI’s (key performance indicators) and accountable targets are implemented for each stage of the process.

This allows us to work within operating budgets that are reviewable usually on a monthly basis – with over 350 call centre seats available there is also flexibility to increase production or provide extra activities at short notice, should this be required.