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Customer Satisfaction

One-to-one dialogue with your existing customers

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Customer satisfaction dialogue

Business Improvement through Customer Satisfaction dialogue with your existing customers

Our unique methodology provides accountable results that are benchmarkable over time, using a statistical Satisfaction Index measured from satisfaction and importance rankings obtained from your customers, across your full range of products and within specific  departments and locations within your own organisation.

We concentrate on identifying customer ‘satisfaction drivers’ (what drives their satisfaction most of all from dealing with your organisation) by utilising correlation techniques . Our unique methodology also helps identify which factors should be focused on as ‘priorities for improvement’ across the business – often these focused priorities vary from senior management and staff expectations as they are determined by your customers.

Customer Profiling – Updating your Customer Base

More straightforward than customer satisfaction and acquisition activity, this takes advantage of the extensive call centre facilities by ensuring your customer contacts are fully up to date eg telephone number capturing where not available, purchaser details up to date etc.

An important business activity, the customer updating is often overlooked on a regular basis which limits marketing and sales opportunities.