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Data Cleansing

Data cleansing, validation, supression, enhancement and online cleansing.

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Data Cleansing & Enhancement

Is your data market ready? The simple truth is that unless you carry out regular data cleansing that it’s probably not. This means that you’re wasting valuable time and money communicating with customers and prospects who have either changed address, those who are deceased or those who are MPS registered.

Data Cleansing Facts

The fact is that data changes rapidly, which affects the performance of your marketing data. For example, every year in the UK:

  • Over 6 million people move house.
  • 600,000 people pass away.
  • About a million addresses are changed by the Royal Mail annually.
  • 250,000 people sign up to The Mailing Preference Service.
  • 5.7 million company and individual details change each year.

All of these changes cause your data to be become weak and even damaging to your business.

Data Cleansing & Data Hygiene

Our data cleansing services ensures that you’re able to address these critical data issues, and maximise your ROI. % simple reasons to cleanse are:

  • Reduce your marketing spend by contacting people who have changed address or are deceased.
  • Increase your response rates and maximise your ROI – a proportionately greater return from lower mailing volumes.
  • Enhance and protect your brand by removing duplicates and correcting out of date address detail.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance to Direct Marketing Association guidelines.
  • Play your part in protecting the environment, by reducing waste.

Data Cleansing services

We perform a variety of data cleansing services including preference service flagging, de-duplication and PAF verification, we can work with you to ensure that you are communicating with active and receptive customers and prospects.

  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Validation
  • Data Suppression
  • Data Enhancement
  • Online Data Cleansing