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Data Profiling & Predictive Modelling

Actionable insight to drive your contact strategy

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Knowledge drives results

Our Customer insight and Intelligence Services are delivered by an analytics team who have the expertise to quickly understand your situation, your data and what you are looking to achieve from your customer contact strategies.

Data Profiling, Segmentation & Appending

By enabling you to gain a real insight into what your ideal customers ‘look like’ and how best to contact them, you are better armed to woo them with your marketing messages, create a better customer experience and generate the results you are seeking. This in essence is what our Profiling & Segmentation service is all about.

We will enable you to see the bigger picture by outlining how many potential customers there are in the wider market place that fit your target profiles.

  • Customer profiling
  • Comparative profiling
  • Geo-specific targeting
  • Transactional segmentation (RFM)

Predictive Modelling

Whatever your challenge, we are able to deliver insightful models to predict your customer behaviours throughout the customer lifecycle, enabling you to tightly align your resources to leverage maximum lifetime value from your customer relationships.

  • Customer Acquisition Modelling
  • Customer Growth Modelling
  • Customer Care Modelling
  • Customer Retention Modelling
  • Location Analysis
  • Bespoke Modelling

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