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Forthcoming changes to General Data Protection Regulation

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General Data Protection Regulation changes

There are likely to be a few changes before new GDPR legislation (a copy of which is attached at the foot of this article) before it becomes law. Our understanding is that if there are changes, that these will be minor.

Naturally we are reviewing our own systems to ensure compliance to the new GDPR’s. We also strongly recommend that any business which stores personal data should commence a review to ensure compliance with new regulation.

Although the new GDPR’s are not yet law and will not affect current marketing activity; our understanding is that in 2018, any marketing that generates personal data which is then digitally stored will be affected by the new regulations.

Whilst we are not experts on this legislation, we are well versed in implementation and compliance to GDPR’s.

If you need help ensuring that your business is GDPR compliant, then please get in touch with us.

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Further reading.

Further details are found at General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) overview. You can read about Accountability and governance in this linked article.

Proposed changes to General Data Protection Regulation.

A detailed list of the proposed changes to GDPR are contained in the following document, which can be downloaded by following this link – pdf download 10 key facts businesses need to note about the GDPR (604 Kb).

It would seem sensible to review your company systems against the above, putting any necessary changes in place before this becomes law in 2018.