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Our latest e-commerce website

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5 December 2016

We’ve just finished our latest e-commerce website, which was built from scratch.

We started work on the initial concept in May this year, working closely with our client in order to build and deliver a robust e-commerce platform.

We pulled a few initial concepts together based on what our client wanted, and they had several designs to choose from. Once a final design was chosen and approved, we provided wireframes (layouts) for all website pages.

website conceptsOur initial brief for the store was to feature 300 products in around 20 categories, although this quickly grew to almost 700 products. Featured home page products are selected automatically, based on the most popular products sold from the store.

Postage and packaging rates are updated and show in real-time when items are placed into the shopping cart – no need to wait until checkout to find out how much an order will cost to despatch. A simple solution which means that shoppers aren’t hit by an unexpected delivery charge at checkout! This significantly reduces bounce rate at checkout.

The WorldPay payment gateway, was seamlessly integrated into the finished website and we handled PCI/DSS compliance for our client. WorldPay’s inspected and tested the final payment gateway solution,  and made only 1 minor comment – add credit card logos.

The site features a little over 650 products at present, all of which are available through the online store with payments taken online via a WorldPay interface.

Mrs Beighton’s can be accessed via this link.