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GH Sheldon, bakers born and bred.

We’ve been asked to completely overhaul the existing website design using existing resources, images and text, whilst maintaining the structure of the original website.

Our pricipal goal is to enable the client to manage the whole website without having to understand anything technical, basically a WYSIWYG website.

This has involved successful liaison and discussion with several external IT solution providers, design agencies and photographers to coordinate development and deployment of the website. Paramount to project success is the requirement to ensure that existing IT systems remained unaffected during and post implementation.

Content Management.

The website produced is content managed throughout, with a simple drag and drop user interface that allows GH Sheldon to quickly and simply amend and update content.

As part of the handover, we provide full onsite staff training demonstrating the system and how to use the client interface.

Ongoing Support

Our approach is tailored to each client, however, as an absolute minimum we provide (as part of the development cost) 12 months help and support which includes remote on screen asssitance, some additional artwork creation and SEO. Support also includes regular scheduled backups and updates.

After our free support period has elapsed, and unlike most, we regularly check the website status for error to ensure that it continues to work totally free of charge! This is part of our ongoing commitment to delivering an exceptional customer service experience.

Project Update.

The website has now been seamlessly integrated into mission critical pre-existing IT systems. The website is now live and can be found by visiting the link shown below.

  • Date Published : February 2018
  • Categories : Content management, SEO, Website design
  • Client : GH Sheldon / Waggledance
  • Website :

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