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Spentex e-commerce website

lbfl ConsultancySpentex e-commerce website


Years in the making.

Spentex has been in the process of updating their website for the last 3 years. The problem was that despite spending lots of time, effort and cash that nobody had delivered a suitable working platform.

Back to basics.

We initially became involved in redeveloping the website after consulting on the last website build – there were issues which hadn’t been addressed.

Our proposal was simple, we listened to the client and what they wanted to achieve then produced wire-frames, sought approval and got on with the task at hand, involving the client at each stage of production even pre-launch.

Testing, migration and tweaking.

We thoroughly tested the solution to ensure that the whole thing delivered, and that included PCI testing and checking working alongside SagePay, the clients’ payment provider.

Finally, at the last minute, we were asked to recommend and to migrate the hosting, since their existing hosting could not handle all the design features implemented. Job done, and another satisfied client to boot.

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