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Setting Email Objectives

Defining your primary goals and objectives

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Email marketing setting your objectives

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Email Design – Setting your objectives

Without doubt, the number-one objective of your e-mail marketing strategy is to make money, which is almost certainly the number one objective of your business. Making money and saving time are two objectives for almost every business, and smart strategic marketers use those objectives to devise and refine their plans for all aspects of their business.

How do you define your campaign goals?

When it comes down to setting goals, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • What actions do you want your subscribers/prospects to take?
  • Why should your subscribers/prospects care?
  • Who are you sending the campaign to?
  • How will you measure success?

The answers to these questions will define the creation of your email campaign.

Here’s a list of the top objectives used in email marketing today.

Pre-Flight Checklist

Once you’ve defined your goals and carefully crafted your campaign, it’s time to make sure your housekeeping is in order. Are your links working? Is tracking in place?

  • Identify all campaign goals and objectives.
  • Design the email campaign(s) – there may be more than one stage.
  • Ensure that landing pages have been created for your campaign, and that all campaign hyperlinks are functional.
  • Create UTM’s (Urchin Traffic Monitors) so that you can track the campaign on your website.
  • Test and ensure that phone numbers, email addresses etc, are all active and functional.
  • Perform a test send of each email campaign prior to go live.
  • Agree a broadcast schedules for each campaign stage.
  • Report back with full campaign analytics.

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