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We help busineses build better customer relationships

We help companies of all sizes to deliver the customer experience everyone deserves

lbfl ConsultancyWe help busineses build better customer relationships

Meet our team

Bob Felstead
Online Marketing Consultant

Bob’s an online specialist whose roots lie in business system development and direct marketing.

He’s our coding and online marketing specialist, who thrives on technical challenges. He lives in code, and can be found in the office at all hours, usually fuelled by copious quantities of caffeine and an occasional beer.

Anyone for coffee?

Daniel Alexander
Graphic Designer

Dan’s our graphic designer. He left university a few years ago and joined us, in the vein hope that the pace of life wouldn’t change at all. After the initial shock, he now just gets on with his thing, whatever that is? It must be good because he’s still here.

Dan’s the chap who gels the team together. He’s very social and enjoys the occasional beer.

Dave Thomason
Business Improvement Consultant

Meet Dave, no not that one, this one. Dave has a wealth of experience of business improvement, which he loves to talk about. Affectionately know as ‘the call centre guy,’ Dave puts us straight when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Morning coffee and a quick social kick Dave’s day off.

Email Dave and he’ll meet you for a bacon butty and coffee.

A few of our clients

About us

lbfl Consultancy was founded in 2010 as a separate project by Bob Felstead who had started a web development company. When he started, he wanted to create a better way for people to maintain their websites using WordPress CMS alongside other CMS platforms.

His first web product was experimental, and this experiment led to sales from customers throughout the UK. Times were hard but fun.

Customer feedback

Since then his company has had feedback from hundreds of people suggesting new features and thanking us for our help.

Thousands of developers from around the world have built millions of websites using WordPress. like other developers we have been creating new themes and plugins with one simple goal – to save our customers time and money.

Today we’re happy with what we’ve achieved over the past few years, which is very important to us. Our websites are simple to use and we use the same foundation for building every single website which we now produce.

Customer centric

Moreover, the main focus of our business is customer experience – the smoother it is the happier our customers are.

Our Mission

Our mission now is to provide premium marketing services and solutions that empower people to effectively participate in an online world.

Our Philosophy

Money is not our primary goal, but when people exchange their money for our products and services, it shows us that we’re doing the right thing.

Our headquarters

lbfl Consultancy was founded and headquartered in Otley, West Yorkshire. Our office is located in the town center which helps us to hire many talented developers from the surrounding area.

Although, all of us work West Yorkshire, we provide fast support no matter where our clients are.